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January 8, 2018
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Long-Term Benefits of STEM for Society

STEM is incredibly important for our rising generation because it provides relevant and real-world exposure to important math, science, technology, and engineering concepts, while also preparing kids for the future needs of our society. Science and technology are constantly evolving, and students with a STEM education will have a real opportunity to make a difference. Some of the most impactful organizations and extensive world pursuits taking place today, such as space exploration, artificial intelligence, or cancer research require science, technology, math, or engineering.

Many are seeing the increasing value of a STEM education, and are contributing to local organizations like the Arizona SciTech Festival with the hope of further promoting and advancing the STEM community. A major supporter of STEM is US Storage Centers, a nationwide self-storage facility devoted to helping people organize their lives so they have the time and space to do what they care about.

STEM and US Storage Centers

US Storage Centers has been devoted to promoting the STEM community and supporting youth engagement with STEM and STEM-related fields for over ten years now. The company started an organization, Kure It Cancer Research, in 2007 with a mission to raise funds for underfunded cancer research. Since then, US Storage Centers has been supporting more and more local organizations devoted to the STEM community, such as museums and education-driven organizations.

Cancer Research

Kure It Cancer Research was started by US Storage Centers founder Barry Hoeven nine years after he was diagnosed with a very rare kidney cancer. Barry discovered that several cancers do not have many treatment options available because they do not receive the proper funding to support research and clinical trials. As a result, Kure It was formed with the intention to increase support for underfunded cancers in hopes of finding cures for these cancers. Had it not been for STEM education, Barry would not have been able to establish this company leading the field in cancer research. STEM plays an important role in Kure It’s organization even today, as only the most qualified cancer researchers are hired to pursue solutions in finding a cure for rarer forms of cancer. US Storage Centers supports STEM and Kure It’s lasting resolve to make a real difference in the field of cancer research.

There Are REAL Opportunities to Make a Difference

The biggest reason that US Storage Centers supports the Arizona SciTech Festival, as well as other organizations devoted to STEM, is because of the impact STEM has on all of our lives. STEM provides a continual push for advancement, which ensures that students grow in their knowledge and understanding of necessary STEM principles. As a result, new ideas and further exploration of different STEM theories will result in the advancement of society as a whole.

Get Excited About STEM!

US Storage Centers and Arizona SciTech are excited about STEM and all the benefits it provides students and educators alike! If you want to get involved and be a part of the Arizona SciTech Festival, you can help by spreading the word, becoming a sponsor, volunteering, showcasing a booth, presenting, and more. Get in touch today to learn how you can help!

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