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February 20, 2021
at 10:14 pm

Kelly Greene

Inventing Tomorrow Movie Clipped for Classroom Use

Resources for educators are now available online to help “bring the stories of INVENTING TOMORROW off the screen and into students’ lives – wherever they may live.” Over the past year, the team has been working with STEM educators to develop these tools that will help teachers integrate concepts from the film into the classroom. The goal is to inspire students everywhere with hands-on STEM and STEAM learning.

Educators are invited to use the lesson plans and movie clips to inspire their students to make a difference in their communities. Chief Science Officers can use these resources as part of their Action Plan projects and together we can #MakeItHappen. 

In the summer of 2019 at the Leadership Training Institute, Chief Science Officers had a chance to meet with Sahithi Pingali from the film. She shared about her experience at the ISEF science fair in Los Angeles, but more importantly – she shared her story about making an impact as a 16 year old from Bangalore, India.  

“As the lakes in her hometown of Bangalore, India fill with clouds of chemical foam that drift through the streets, student Sahithi Pingali creates a “citizen science” project that lets anyone measure and share water quality data, propelling her to the renowned ISEF science fair in Los Angeles.”

Find the details in the Remote Learning Kit at Inventing Tomorrow!

Lesson plans on AIR and WATER are available for FREE.

Each lesson is connected to the NGSS standards.

Educators can sign up for FREE workshops, too.

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