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February 23, 2016
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More Than Just Words, AZ SciTech Festival
Presenting Sponsor is Giant Presence In Community

Guest Author: Michele Peters, writer, Cox Communications 

COX, the premier communications company in Arizona, connects and communicates with the community; but COX brings these concepts to new heights.  Starting as a Platinum sponsor of the AZ SciTech Festival at its inception five years ago, COX is now the Festival’s Presenting Sponsor.  Why?  In these days of corporate economic cutbacks, COX is bucking the trend and instead is forward-thinking with its support of STEM in Arizona.  In fact, COX is again setting the gold standard for community involvement.  R.J. Muller, Manager of Community Relations at COX Communications readily commented, “…COX is strongly committed to STEM and what it brings to our community.  STEM is relevant within our state and especially our youth. We are trying to help prepare our youth for the future, they will be the ones to lead our community into the future and STEM is an important part of that future.”

Connection to community is undeniable on so many levels.  COX’s STEM JOURNALS on COX Channel 7 is a veritable science smorgasbord of all phases of STEM.  Check it out and get excited about all the possibilities STEM has to offer – right here in Arizona; possibilities are endless and many you probably didn’t know about.  Not certain if science, or what in the sciences may interest you – check out any one of the 1,000 + events at the AZ SciTech Festival – you will be surprised… and will probably get that answer.

COX not only talks the talk but walks the walk.  Realizing not all children or families in our community have access to the digital world; their solution – Technology Centers.  COX has opened 33 Technology Centers that give internet access to students who would not otherwise have the Internet available to them.  COX works to bridge, as Muller puts it, “…the digital divide” and provides low cost broad band to low income families in our area.

Through the AZ SciTech Festival, new, unexpected partnerships have also emerged.  COX and its Connect2Stem now partners with the University of Arizona Medical School for the signature event that celebrates science, technology, engineering, math… and medicine.  Over 2,000 people attended its inaugural year in 2015, attendance at the January 9th event was 4,800 – more than doubled!  The partnership continues to grow and benefits everyone, but most of all, benefits our community.  And where else but at a Connect2Stem event with a medical school would there be a life-sized synthetic cadaver that talks, breathes, bleeds and sweats!

COX has garnered several awards over the years as a corporation that cares about its customers, outstanding customer service and its community; so what better way to put this experience to good use than to create its own award focused on STEM, COX Connect2Stem Awards.  For the second year, COX in partnership with the AZ SciTech Festival, honors STEM Connectors in five areas:  business, non-profit, education, conservation and after school programs.  This prestigious award highlights and recognizes the STEM leaders in our community – and those who impact our future.

Throughout the years of the partnership between COX and AZ SciTech, as in any strong partnership, both reap benefits; but in this case, there is a silent partner, our community.  And because of COX and AZ SciTech joining forces, spectacular ideas, like the Chief Science Officers are created and developed; “…because of all that AZSciTech brings to our company and community, we are inspired to do more” said Muller.  It may surprise you just how much there is out there.

And may the force, the STEM force, be with us!

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