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March 1, 2023
at 10:55 pm

Kelly Greene

Arizona Water – Conserve

Water Month – MARCH

ASU expert warns about the future of water in Arizona – READ MORE at

According to a recent report by Arizona State University, the future of water in Arizona is at risk. The Colorado River, which supplies about 36% of Arizona’s water, is experiencing a long-term drought, leading to reduced water levels in Lake Mead and Lake Powell. The report warns that if water levels continue to drop, it could trigger a water shortage declaration in the near future. 

The report also highlights the importance of responsible water management practices to ensure a sustainable future for Arizona’s water resources. Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability and School of Public Affairs are leading the way in water policy research and education to address this critical issue. 

To ensure a sustainable future for Arizona’s water resources, it is important for policymakers, businesses, and communities to come together and develop innovative solutions to address the challenges posed by climate change and the growing demand for water. 


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