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June 16, 2021
at 6:35 pm

Kelly Greene

RSV Argo

Argo Splashes Into CA Harbor

Support the team preparing to set sail this November!

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Did you know Arizona’s Research Sailing Vessel Argo is preparing for a voyage around the pacific? 

Yes… and now, final preparations are being made in the water! We think it is the best science lesson ever – Sink or Float?! Our team at SciTech Institute is pleased to share “officially” that RSV Argo floats.

Arizona is second only to Michigan in terms of the greatest number of boats per capita in the United States.  For hot, landlocked Arizona, it is no surprise that water activities and anything having to do with animals in the natural ocean environment, particularly seals, penguins, sea turtles and whales, draws rapt attention by young students everywhere.  


SciTech Institute and RSV Argo bring a truly remarkable opportunity for students everywhere to gain meaningful experiences that will inspire the technical workforce of tomorrow with competence in STEM skills valuable to employers through this adventure.

Join SciTech Institute in celebrating this opportunity to support the research by considering ways your organization can be featured on the trip around the world.

 We are looking for ways to provide or support:

– online classroom connections

– video sneak peeks at marine life

– sustainability engagements and more!

Email us for more information –

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More Argo news:

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