Illuminations: Orbiting Satellites
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

In this lesson students explore the concept of orbits, focusing on altitude, velocity, and distance traveled.

Siemens STEM Day: Can You Hear Me Now?
Siemens STEM Day

In this activity students will experiment with how far sound travels naturally, as compared to how far it travels with satellite amplification.

Flash Forward: CRIME - I Can See My House From Here!
Flash Forward

Today we travel to a future where satellites can catch criminals.

Flash Forward: Goodnight Night
Flash Forward

Today we travel to a future where darkness is a thing of the past.

Short Wave: In Mozambique, Meteorologists Can't Keep Up With Climate Change
Short Wave (NPR)

Accurate weather forecasting can be a matter of life or death. So countries with less money like Mozambique face a big challenge.

Short Wave: SpaceX's Satellite Swarm: Could It Hurt Astronomy?
Short Wave (NPR)

The private space company run by Elon Musk launched 60 satellites into orbit this week. Science correspondent Geoff Brumfiel explains why astronomers worry that kind of traffic — if it continues unabated — could permanently alter their ability to observe the night sky.