ABCya! Base 10 Fun

Base Ten Fun helps kids understand place value, addition and subtraction through the use of virtual manipulatives.

ABCya! Guess the Number

Guess the number to unlock the phone and see the funny picture!

Guess the Number is a fun educational game that challenges kids to find a number based on greater than or less than feedback.

ABCya! Place Value Hockey

Place Value Hockey is a fun educational game for kids to practice place value.

ABCya! Soccer Math Rounding Numbers

Soccer Math: Rounding provides a fun way for kids to practice rounding numbers.

Crash Course: Study Hall Algebra #15 - Zero to Infinity
Crash Course

In this, our final episode of Study Hall: Algebra, James will try and explain why zero is a tricky number and how its use has evolved over time.

youcubed: Placing Chips (1-2)
youcubed (Stanford University)

In this activity students explore place value and number relationships.

Illuminations: Birthdays and the Binary System
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

This lesson is a collection of three activities, all of which revolve around patterns and place value in the binary system.

NRICH: Snail One Hundred
NRICH (University of Cambridge)

This is a game in which your counters move in a spiral round the snail’s shell. It is about understanding tens and units.

NRICH: Puzzling Place Value
NRICH (University of Cambridge)

Can you explain what is going on in these puzzling number tricks?