Operation Ouch: Brilliant Brains - The Nervous System
Operation Ouch

Dr Chris and Dr Xand look at the amazing things our brains can do!

Mystery Science: How Does Your Brain Control Your Body?
Mystery Science

In this Mystery, students explore the brain’s role in receiving information from the senses, processing that information, and controlling the muscles to enable movement.

Science News for Students: Cool Jobs - Soaking in Sweat
Science News for Students

Some researchers collect human sweat to answer a host of science questions

SciShow Psych: Tasting Colors and Seeing Time - Superhuman Skills with Synesthesia
SciShow Psych

Synesthesia allows people to hear color or taste numbers—and maybe even remember some things better than the average person.

OLogy: Draw Your Nervous System
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

Explore your nerves by creating a life-sized drawing.

Carnegie STEM Girls: The Science of Yoga
Carnegie STEM Girls

Your Challenge: Discover the science behind practicing yoga!

Short Wave: Is This Love? Or Am I Gonna Fight A Lion?
Short Wave (NPR)

Ever wonder what’s causing all those reactions in your body when you’re falling in love with someone? We certainly did.

Ask, Listen, Learn: Alcohol and Your Developing Central Nervous System
Ask, Listen, Learn

This lesson is intended to further student’s understanding of the central nervous system, neurotransmission, and how alcohol subsequently impacts function.

Ask A Biologist: Nervous Bits
Arizona State University, Ask A Biologist

This set of bits will teach you about the system that senses the world around you and controls your body: your nervous system.

Ask A Biologist: A Nervous Experiment
Arizona State University, Ask A Biologist

How do you know when your hand touches something? How do you know if something brushes against your shoulder?