DK Find Out! Body Defenses

Microbes are the tiniest living things on Earth.

Science News for Students: Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe During An Epidemic
Science News for Students

Don’t panic. From flu to COVID-19, these key steps can limit your risk of most infections

Science News for Students: Explainer - What are Allergies?
Science News for Students

Sometimes the immune system goes into overdrive and triggers potentially serious problems

Science News for Students: Don't Snooze on Getting Enough Sleep
Science News for Students

Studies suggest that good sleep habits can boost mood and GPA while limiting weight gain

Science News for Students: Scientists Say - Lymph
Science News for Students

This clear fluid cleans up the body’s tissues by removing waste and microbes

Science News for Students: Scientists Say - Neutrophil
Science News for Students

This is a cell in the immune system that traps and destroys invaders

SciShow Psych: Schizophrenia May Be an Autoimmune Condition
SciShow Psych

Schizophrenia affects 20 million people worldwide, and we don’t exactly know how it develops, or what causes it yet.

Ologies: Microbiology (GUT BIOME) with Dr. Elaine Hsiao

Microbiologist Dr. Elaine Hsiao is a total badass who runs her own lab investigating the role of the gut biome in animal behaviors. She sat down to chat about anxiety, depression, elusive fecal transplants, autism, epilepsy, kombucha promises, autoimmune disorders, probiotics and more.

Short Wave: It's Okay To Sleep Late (Do It For Your Immune System)
Short Wave (NPR)

Hassan speaks to Short Wave’s Emily Kwong about de-stigmatizing sleeping in late, and why a good night’s rest is so important for your immune system.

The Vaccine Makers Project: The Adaptive Immune System
The Vaccine Makers Project

Students learn about the specific nature of responses generated by the adaptive immune system.