The Kennedy Center: How Many Cells Are Born in a Day?
The Kennedy Center

In this lesson, students use calculation to predict the number of cells that result from a series of cell divisions.

The Kennedy Center: Patterns Across Cultures - The Fibonacci Sequence in Visual Art
The Kennedy Center

Exploring where the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio appear in nature and the visual arts.

The Kennedy Center: Amazing Fibonacci - Hidden Life of Numbers Make Memorable Music
The Kennedy Center

Using the Fibonacci sequence of numbers as the jumping off point, your students study math concepts of pattern, recursion, Phi and the Golden Ratio and develop their ability to analyze the structure of music.

Mathalicious: Leonardo Numbers

In this lesson students will explore his famous pattern, and will use it to reveal the golden ratio, which many believe is Nature’s standard of beauty.

youcubed: What Would the Nautilus Say? (6-CC)
youcubed (Stanford University)

While the nautilus shell is often represented in popular culture as an example of a golden spiral, according to many mathematicians it is not.

NRICH: Fibonacci Surprises
NRICH (University of Cambridge)

Play around with the Fibonacci sequence and discover some surprising results!