Origin Stories Podcast
Origin Stories (The Leakey Foundation)

Origin Stories is The Leakey Foundation’s podcast about how we became human.

Outside Podcast: Can Humans Outrun Antelope?

Several decades ago, radio producer Scott Carrier and his brother Dave tried to chase down an antelope on foot.

But Why?: Who Was The First Person?
But Why?

Humans evolved over millions of years into the creatures we are today. What will we be like in the next million years?

Science Rules! Our Fishy Ancestors Grew a Pair (of Legs)
Science Rules!

Neil Shubin reveals how he discovered Tiktaalik — a long-sought fossil link between swimming fish and walking land animals — and shares other remarkable tales about life’s evolution.

Science Rules! Are We Still Evolving?
Science Rules!

Genetics and evolution expert Dr. Molly Przeworkski fields questions on whether humans are influencing our own evolution, and if the study of genetics might help reduce disease.

Science Rules! What Evolution Wants
Science Rules!

Geologist, paleontologist, and author Dr. Don Prothero joins us to talk evolution, creationism and Big Foot!

Ologies: Chiropterology (BATS) with Dr. Merlin Tuttle

Alie headed to the bat capital of Austin and sat down with the legendary chiropterologist to discuss wild field stories and close calls and caves and comebacks and bat chatter and what a bat actually is and how big they get and what’s up with their smushy noses, why folks are so frightened by them, the evolution of flight, echolocation, getting a bat out of your house, how they sleep upside down, which ones guzzle blood, and the latest on white nose syndrome — which is not a drug problem.

Ologies: Evolutionary Biology (DARWINISM) with John McCormack

Evolutionary biologist and the director of the Moore Lab of Zoology, John McCormack, chats about all things evolution and gives Alie a new appreciation for how genetic blips can be hidden strengths.

Short Wave: A Kazoo And The Evolution Of Speech
Short Wave (NPR)

Short Wave reporter Emily Kwong talks with primatologist Adriano Lameira about a growing body of evidence that humans may not be the only great apes with voice control.

California Academy of Sciences: Knee-Deep in Green Peppers
California Academy of Sciences

This activity uses green peppers to provide a concrete example of high reproductive potential.