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DK Find Out! Science

Find out facts and try some quizzes about the science and technology all around us, famous scientists and their discoveries, and inventions that changed the world.

Steve Spangler Science: Static Flyer - The Flying Bag
Steve Spangler Science

Charge a balloon and use the electrical charges of static electricity to create flying objects!

Lowell Observatory Camps for Kids (LOCKS): Make a Battery from Coins
Lowell Observatory

With a few coins you can make your own battery!

Brains On! Shocking! The Science of Static (Electricity Series Pt. 1)
Brains On!

What makes your hair stand on end? Why does your skirt stick your tights? Why do you get zapped by electric shocks when you go to touch a doorknob?

Brains On! Mary Shelley and the Science of Frankenstein
Brains On!

Frankenstein has become a pop culture mainstay and it all started off as a novel written by an 18-year-old woman written in the early 1800s.

SciShow Psych: How We Manipulate Our Brains With Electricity
SciShow Psych

Obviously, you can’t just plant a chip in someone’s head and start manipulating their thoughts and behavior, but doctors and scientists CAN use electricity to activate or inhibit certain parts of the brain.