Arizona Science Center: DIY Lava Lamp
Arizona Science Center

Experience the mesmerizing feel of watching a lava lamp, with its large colored bubbles sinking, rising, and morphing.

DreamUp: Density in Space

Do you know why things float in space? It might not be why you think!

Raising da Vinci: 10 Sweet Experiments - Fun Candy Science
Raising da Vinci

You need very little to do most of these experiments, they are easy, and fun to do with kids!

Arizona Game and Fish Department: Focus Wild Arizona Activity Sheets - Tortoises
Arizona Game and Fish Department

Desert tortoises are amazing animals, but we don’t know a lot about their life in the wild.

Steve Spangler Science: Sinking Soda Surprise
Steve Spangler Science

Which of your favorite sodas will sink, and which carbonated beverages will swim? It’s density at its finest!

Lowell Observatory Camps for Kids (LOCKS): Archimedes' Principle
Lowell Observatory

Learn to measure density and solve the mystery of the gold crown like Archimedes.

Steve Spangler Science: The Floating Egg
Steve Spangler Science

Eggs sink in regular tap water, but creating a saltwater solution… that’s an egg-citingly different story.

Raising Dragons: Liquid Density Experiment
Raising Dragons

It’s such a great way to teach kids about the difference in densities of various liquids.

Steve Spangler Science: Burping Bottle
Steve Spangler Science

We’ve all had to belch, before. Did you know that bottles can get a bit gassy, too?

Raising Dragons: Sugar Water Density Rainbow Science Experiment
Raising Dragons

his simple science experiment is perfect for demonstrating water density.

Steve Spangler Science: Oil and Water
Steve Spangler Science

Oil and water just don’t mix but they do provide for some amazing hands-on science.

Raising Dragons: Underwater Volcano
Raising Dragons

Doing science experiments at home is so much fun and this underwater volcano science experiment is so simple to set up!