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September 12, 2023
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Claire Conway

Climate change, Geology, STEM

Unearthing Climate Change: The Vital Role of Geology in Climate Science and STEM Education



Global Climate change and the science involved in understanding it has become increasingly pivotal in today’s world. An often-underestimated player in this sphere is the field of geology, which offers invaluable insights into our planet’s past, serving as a key instrument in unlocking our climate’s story and deciphering its future. Moreover, educating our future generations on this earth science, through fostering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, is crucial to understanding and mitigating climate change.

Reading the Rocks

In the journey of understanding Earth’s climate history, geologists play the role of historians. They examine rocks and other geological materials, each of which is a chapter from Earth’s climatic past. The meticulous study of rocks, their formation, and what they contain, like embedded fossils or minerals, provide nuggets of information about Earth’s climatic conditions when the rocks formed. This knowledge serves as a foundation upon which our understanding of climate change is built.

Climate Clues in Fossil Fuels

Coal, oil, and natural gas—commonly known as fossil fuels—are significant in understanding climate change. Studying the formation, deployment, and implications of the burning of these fuels is a crucial responsibility shouldered by geologists. By releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide, these fuels’ combustion directly impacts the greenhouse effect, setting off a complex chain of events that lead to global warming.

A Picture of Our Past through Fossils

The vestiges of prehistoric flora and fauna provide another essential segment of the climatic puzzle. As geologists decipher these remnants of ancient life, they manage to peek into prehistoric climates. The existence of certain fossils informs about climate conditions of the time, while extinction timelines can hint at past climate changes. Understanding such historical biodiversity shifts is increasingly important in assessing the possible impact of modern climate change on our planet’s species.

A Geological Glimpse into Future

In understanding the past through rocks and fossils, we gain a broad perspective of our future. The long-term view offered by geology makes us comprehend climate change’s epic scale and informs about periods when greenhouse gases were naturally high.

With this geological-based understanding, predictions for the future become more accurate. The various stages of Earth’s climate that geologists reveal help in preparing for possible future scenarios and planning for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Educating the Future through STEM

Addressing the challenges of climate change requires not just understanding the past and present but also equipping future generations with vital skills and knowledge. This is where STEM education plays an indispensable role.

STEM subjects offer a profound perspective on our world, and geology is a prime example of this. As an integral part of Earth Science, it provides a unique way of comprehending the Earth’s processes, patterns, and the art of predicting future environmental shifts.

Integrating geology into the broader STEM education promotes a hands-on approach, where students can identify and analyze scientific evidence, understand complex systems, and make informed decisions about climate change based on these insights.

Indeed, geology plays an instrumental role in explaining much of why and how climate change occurs, mapping the events of the past and projecting the course of the future. However, this understanding must not only be the purview of professional geologists. Through STEM education, upcoming future generations can gain the skills and knowledge they need to confront the rapidly changing climate. By providing a comprehensive view of our planet’s history and fostering an understanding of climate science, geology, both as a profession and field of study, is imperative in curbing future climatic challenges.

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