Steve Spangler Science: Homemade Rock Candy
Steve Spangler Science

Here’s kitchen chemistry that turns a solution of sugar and water into a tasty treat.

Steve Spangler Science: Non-Newtonian Cornstarch Recipe
Steve Spangler Science

Mixing cornstarch and water produces an amazing, non-Newtonian goo that’s perfect for science play.

Nickelodeon: Slime in Space - A Virtual Field Trip

What happens when you send Nickelodeon slime to the International Space Station?

Raising Dragons: Corn Syrup Viscosity Experiment
Raising Dragons

For this cool experiment you need corn syrup, 2 glass containers, food coloring and a dropper.

OLogy: Grow Rock Candy
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

Create your own crystals with sugar. Then enjoy your tasty treat!