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Girls Who Code
Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is an international non-profit organization working to close the gender gap in technology and change the image of what a programmer looks like and does.

CSS Grid Garden
Grid Garden

Welcome to Grid Garden, where you write CSS code to grow your carrot garden!

Girls Who Code: Summer Series - Building an Activist Toolkit Pt. 4
Girls Who Code

Now that you have some HTML written for your website, it’s time to beautify it with some CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets!

Girls Who Code: Algorithmic Artist Game
Girls Who Code

In this unplugged game, you will create algorithms – or instruction sets – by telling a player how to recreate a drawing you made.

Crash Course: Statistics #38 - Big Data
Crash Course

Today, we’re going to begin our discussion of Big Data.

Real World Math: Concept Lessons - Money Makes the World Go Around
Real World Math

Crisscrossing across the Google Earth globe, students connect the monetary units to the related country in a series of exchange rate problems. 

Real World Math: Project Based Learning - Typhoon Project
Real World Math

Included is an example of how Google Earth can be used to graph historic events, such as a typhoon or hurricane. 

Carnegie STEM Girls: Cyber Security Worker
Carnegie STEM Girls

Cyber security workers are like bodyguards for computers!


Learning to code can be easy and fun!

Girls Who Code: Summer Series - Building an Activist Toolkit Pt. 3
Girls Who Code

Part 3 of our Summer Series, is an introduction to HTML.

Math Game Time: Binary Bears
Math Game Time

Binary Bears offers a fun way to introduce kids to the language of binary.

Crash Course: Statistics #41 - Neural Networks
Crash Course

Today we’re going to talk big picture about what Neural Networks are and how they work.

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