About Us

Rhonda Hemming

Director of Manufacturing Outreach

Born in Flint, Michigan and transplanted to Arizona, Rhonda Hemming graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.

Rhonda has an extensive career as a helping professional with a focus on youth leadership and program development. Rhonda’s professional experiences include teaching, youth volunteer and mentor program development, behavioral health case management and counseling, in addition to her public service work where she specialized in youth workforce development and coordinated special initiatives supporting the training and employment of the next generation of manufacturing industry professionals. Rhonda’s experience spans the education continuum from teaching kindergarten to working with adult re-entry students at Arizona State University and the Federal Bureau of Prisons Women’s Federal Correctional Institute. From education to behavioral health, and public service and workforce development, Rhonda has dedicated her life to the servant leadership philosophy and helping people transcend their circumstances, find their unique paths and transition from simply surviving to totally thriving.

In addition to her career roles Rhonda is dedicated to her husband, the two children born to her, and the many children who have occurred to her life as a result of her passion, servant leadership and strong commitment to family. Rhonda and her family have a deep love for animals and hold a strong belief that all life is precious, so, rescue dogs, rescue cats, and even a ball python and a red tail boa are all just part of their family circus.

Rhonda is excited to serve as the Director of Manufacturing Outreach, and her goal is to lead the collaboration efforts that creates a manufacturing ecosystem, increases public awareness around manufacturing training and career opportunities, and through K-12 STEM outreach, a pipeline of tomorrow’s advanced manufacturing industry professionals. Rhonda looks forward to empowering youth to see themselves in STEM careers in advanced manufacturing.

Rhonda Hemming can be reached by email at rhemming@scitechinstitute.org.