About Us

Kindra Maples

Director of Mentor Outreach

Kindra has always had a passion for helping animals, people, and her community. Through her journey in finding the right career path and purpose she has had many very unique experiences that have led her to where she is today. From being on TV and doing presentations with a large Hyacinth Macaw to leading groups of students in the Tundra and teaching them about Polar bears, Kindra has had a unique journey to get to the role she has today.

She began her journey with a passion for animals and people at the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona. She volunteered, interned, and then worked at the Zoo in the Education department for many years. While at the Reid Park Zoo, Kindra had the opportunity to work with various large and small animals, create and teach curriculum to zoo visitors, as well as continuing to grow her passion for personal growth and reaching greater audiences. In 2007, she moved to San Diego where she was lucky to work at the San Diego Zoo Global for almost ten years, doing some of these similar unique roles for work. This was an opportunity to continue her passion of working with animals while also growing her leadership skills working with and teaching students, staff, veterans, and zoo visitors. While working at the San Diego Zoo Global she supported the greater mission of the zoo by helping grow their Internal Conservation Committee, working in the Operations Department, and getting involved with Polar Bears International that partnered closely with the Zoo. She was involved with Polar Bears International, both as a volunteer and paid employee, for four years. During this time she was able to reach students globally and grow her passion in teaching and leading others. The last few years, working with veterans at Wounded Warrior Project and then moving to Phoenix, have allowed her time to continue learning and growing herself as a leaders and mentor to others. All of her background and experience combined has provided her the unique background to be the right fit for her current role as we Director of Mentor Outreach.

Kindra continues to lead, mentor, and use her background in animal behavior while she grows the Mentor Program for the Chief Science Officer Program. She is continuously reaching out to new companies and organizations to get them involved with volunteering and mentoring with the students that are elected in the program and loves every moment of it.

Kindra Maples can be reached by email at kmaples@scitechinstitute.org.