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Hope Parker

CSO International Training Specialist

I am a passionate, positive, energized and results-focused professional that thrives on working with and through people in support and advocacy of student success, equal education, social entrepreneurship, and real world impact. I believe in empowering youth and their support networks to overcome limiting beliefs, discover and design their futures. I am a self-starter focused on the quality of my work, learning rapidly, helping others through the change process, involving diverse stakeholders and setting high standards for myself and my team. My key strengths include:

Winning Others Over – enjoys the challenge of meeting new people, discovering areas of common interest and building rapport to provide win-win outcomes.

Achievement-Orientation – takes pride in working long hours to get started on new tasks and challenges, defining new levels of productivity for my work group and being committed to causes bigger than myself.

Talent Developer – sees the potential in others and consciously works towards helping them achieve success by devising interesting experiences that stretch them and help them grow.

Collaboration – readily accepts working in groups and accomplishing goals through teams, focused on creating group harmony to drive productivity and creatively reaches goals before deadlines.

I received my Bachelors of Education from Montana State University and a Masters of Higher and Post Secondary Education at Arizona State University. I currently sit on American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) – Pre-college Engineering Education (PCEE) Board. I am DISC Certified Coach,
CPP –Strong Interest Inventory – High School, College, and Beyond Facilitator, and other CPP products.
I also served as the Chairman of the Board for the Graduate Business Student Services Association (GBSSA). I am actively involved in the community with organizations and enjoy hiking, volleyball and international travel.

Hope Parker can be reached by email at hparker@SciTechInstitute.org.