Young Scientist Lab: Recycling - Old Made New

Get students started on the path to understanding scientific classification as they investigate the properties that determine an object’s recycling potential.

• How is old paper recycled to make new paper?

Students will be able to:
• sort materials according to their physical properties.
• observe and describe what happens when different paper products are made wet.
• describe the changes that occur throughout the process of paper recycling.

Sorting objects into groups helps students learn more about the physical properties of
objects and provides the foundation necessary for understanding more advanced systems
of scientific classification. Sorting items for recycling is a meaningful and eco-friendly
way for students to apply their understanding of the physical properties of objects. In this
lesson, students explore different items that can be recycled and observe and compare the
differences between various paper products. Then, students work together to make recycled
paper. Throughout the papermaking process, students observe and describe how the
paper’s physical properties change.

Includes follow-up Family Activity.

Grades K – 2

Science Topics
Conservation & Sustainability
K-6, Educator
Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade
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1. Recycling Old Made New classroom activity pdf
2. Recycling Old Made New family activity pdf

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