youcubed: Number Visuals (3-5)

This activity invites students to investigate a really interesting representation of numbers, created by Stephen Von Worley that fascinates children and adults alike and gives students an important opportunity to understand numbers and to think visually about them.

We now know that when students think of math visually as well as with numbers and symbols they are crossing the brain, using different pathways, and that has been found to increase the power of math learning. This activity is a perfect way to encourage brain crossing and deep understanding. When we first saw this representation of numbers we were intrigued and when we looked further we saw that the representations of the numbers highlight their composition really nicely. Both teachers and students who have seen this visual have loved it and wanted to spend time with it. It is engaging for students of all ages and achievement levels.

Math Topics
Patterning & Sequencing
K-6, Educator
3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade
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