Wildlife Habitat Council: Conservation in a Time of Crisis

Guidance for habitat, species and education activities with limited or no access to facilities and sites

While the rest of the world is on pause, habitats grow and species flourish during spring and
summer months, making it the best time for monitoring and management. But how do you
continue conservation activities if your site has limited or no access?

We’re here to help
This guide offers advice on how to continue habitat, species and conservation education
initiatives on sites where there continues to be access (however limited), or if no access
exists at all. Activities should only be implemented with the safety and health of employees
and community partners as the primary considerations.

The activities in this guide can be implemented for any size and type of project. For projects
outside the U.S., research alignments at the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals website, as
well as initiatives and priority actions at the country, state/provincial, and local levels.
Contact WHC Consulting to discuss projects in more detail: whcconsulting@wildlifehc.org. In
addition, WHC Conservation Certification® has implemented COVID-19 accommodations to
help navigate the application process. Visit our website for more information.

Science Topics
Biology, Conservation & Sustainability, Zoology
Birds, Bats
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