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Color is everywhere ‘on the desert’, but, also under the desert, and over the desert. It is earth, plant, air.

A place of discovery, the desert landscape is a symphony of gray, green, and ocher punctuated by tiny explosions in a wide range of white, orange, yellow, and red. Throw in the cooling effects of a rich purple and then the deep blue of the sky and you have made your way all around the color wheel.

“First light” is that time of day when the turning of the earth brings the sun closer to the horizon and the intense darkness of night begins to lift. Objects become distinct from their surroundings and we see them in blacks and whites and grays. But it is when the sun actually rises above the horizon – “second light” – that color floods back into the world. Without light there is no color and depending on how light is being reflected off of or absorbed by an object, and how our eyes process those light waves, we see different colors. We also see colors differently – to many, yellow is yellow, but to an artist it may be cadmium yellow or yellow ochre or . . . Explore color with us and brighten your world!

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