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Ecology is the study of the relationships between living organisms and their environment. Originally this was a study of organisms in nature; today, we look at how humans interrelate with other living things and how we impact ecological processes.

We may examine individuals, populations (members of one species), communities (populations of different species living together) or entire ecosystems, complex webs of life connecting living organisms and their physical environment. The environment refers to our surroundings, where we live, in other words, our habitat. This includes both the natural environment and our man-made one and must provide food, water, shelter and space. Ecosystems can be terrestrial (land based), aquatic (freshwater) or marine (oceanic). Terrestrial ecosystems are classified by climate into biomes. Our Sonoran Desert is a desert biome.

Day 1 – The Basics

Environmental Ethics

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Day 2 – Impact


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Day 3 – Artistic Expression

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