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Bats, birds, butterflies, and bees all contribute to the survival of our terrestrial ecosystems. It is estimated that 90% of all flowering plants depend on animal pollinators to help them reproduce and that includes about 35% of the world’s food crops – consider that one bite in three at the dinner table depends on animal pollinators. Fruits and vegetables come immediately to mind, but foodstuffs from your cup of coffee in the morning to that glass of wine with an artisanal chocolate bar at the end of the day are also the direct result of animal pollination. In fact, in the United States, the pollination services provided by honey bees and other insects directly impact 150 different food crops and result in $20 billion worth of agricultural products each year.

Biology, Botany, Zoology
Birds, Bats, Bees & Wasps, Butterflies & Moths
K-6, Middle School, High School

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