The STEMAZing Project: Worm World – #SciencingAndEngineering with Maddie Schepper

A Life Science Project for Wormologists

The Worm World unit was designed for 2nd grade, but usable at many levels.

#SciencingAndEngineering Project Resources

  • Teacher Talk with 2nd grade teacher Ms. Maddie Schepper and Robot General Sherrie Dennis – Coming soon!
  • Unit Plan (detailed lesson description with links to all resources) – more detailed unit plan coming soon!
  • STEMAZing Kit – Materials and Resources List (with links to vendors)

Teacher Talk

Unit Plan

Arizona Science Standards:
2.L2U1.9 (NGSS-P: K-LS1-1) Obtain, analyze, and communicate evidence that organisms need a source of energy, air, water, and certain temperature conditions to survive.
2.L2U1.10 (NGSS-NC) Develop a model representing how life on Earth depends on energy from the Sun and energy from other organisms.

Worm World Science Notebook v3 uses the #STEMAZingPictureBooks Yucky Worms by Vivian French (illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg) and This is a Book to Read with a Worm by Jodi Wheeler-Toppen (illustrated by Margaret McCartney). Minimally, you will want a copy of each book for the teacher.

There are two editions of the Worm World Science Notebook, one that only has students doing two experiments – one on bedding preference of red wigglers and one on food preference. The other Worm World Science Notebook has space for students to complete a third choice experiment.

Science Topics
K-6, Educator
2nd Grade
Descriptions of PDFs

* Worm World Journal 2 Experiments
* Worm World Journal 3 Experiments

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