The STEMAZing Project: IDEAS Engineering Journal

The IDEAS Engineering Journal is designed to be used to engage students to iterate through then engineering design process using a starting model of something they have built. Two looper airplanes, pool noodle rockets, and rattle writers (aka doodle bots) are some examples you might consider.

Peer critique is incorporated into the journal. It can either be used by individual students or by a group of students who are engineering a project together.

Another good tool to use with the IDEAS Engineering Journal is SCAMPER – a creative brainstorming tool for inspiring additional modification ideas.


Click on the link above to see the Google Slides version of the IDEAS Engineering Journal. Make a copy for your own drive and then use it with your students as they engineer improvements to a project.

Be sure to print the IDEAS Engineering Journal DOUBLE-sided and flipped along the SHORT edge. Then follow the directions at the bottom of this page to assemble the journal using an old book binding technique!

NOTE: If you would like the boring print, fold, and staple version of this journal, you can find it here: IDEAS Engineering Journal – Fold and Staple Version

IDEAS Engineering Journal – Hack Version (some assembly required as detailed below this document)

Engineering Topics
Engineering Process
K-6, Educator
3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade
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* IDEAS Engineering Journal – Fold and Staple Version
* IDEAS Engineering Journal – Hack Version

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