The Kennedy Center: How Do Cells Reproduce?

All living things reproduce, including cells – but how? Capture the miracle of life in a science journal

This activity illustrates the process of mitosis, or cell division, in yeast. Cells carry on the many functions needed to sustain life. The most important of these functions is the ability to reproduce. Students will investigate the process of mitosis by observing yeast cells. They will compare the growth of yeast cells in warm vs. cold water, and will hypothesize as to which environment would be more conducive to cellular growth. Students will write their hypotheses and gather data in a science journal, which will also include drawings, graphs, and words. Students will explore scientific drawing as a means of communicating ideas and information, and discuss opportunities that exist in the field of scientific illustration.

Science Topics
Middle School
6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade

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