Texas Historical Commission: STEM in History Museums

Paving the Way for STEM in History Museums

Explore effective and affordable ways to incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) topics into history museums in this series of virtual workshops and discussion groups. Each workshop is designed to pair an interpretive tool with a STEM-based resource, highlighting how to use writing, oral presentation, hands-on activities, and visual storytelling to effectively connect to visitors both onsite and online. Using examples from Texas transportation topics around the state, each workshop provides tangible examples and tools that can be implemented at institutions of any size.

Writing About Science for a History Museum Audience
(When You’re Not a Scientist)

Discover how interpretive writing techniques can be a powerful tool in making technical topics accessible to visitors of any age. Using examples from historical bridge building and renovation, this workshop discusses the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach to storytelling and gives concrete examples of how history-based sites can easily incorporate STEM into exhibits.

If You Build It, They Will Come:
Incorporating STEM Topics into School Programs at History Museums

Learn how to create engaging educational activities for student audiences, and how these programs will benefit both the students and your site. Explore different programming types and interpretation techniques, and learn how to implement them both at your site and as outreach into the classroom. Using resources on Biology and Environment, discover program planning skills that can be applied at your own site to connect history with STEM to create well-rounded, multidisciplinary programs

Using Visual Storytelling to Add Science to History Exhibits

Explore impactful use of digital images and video as a tool to discuss STEM in history exhibits. Participants will learn how to use graphics, images, and video as storytelling techniques to create meaningful digital content. Using examples from Texas transportation history, this webinar will share examples across multiple platforms and provide tools for participants to implement methods both onsite and online.

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