All Digital School: Teachers' Guide on How to Prepare for Online Teaching

Teaching online has become a viable option for many educators and students.

It lets students attend their classes even while at home. Teachers and professionals also benefit from online classes. With eLearning, teachers can continue teaching irrespective of the location of the students.

If you’re a teacher who seeks to start an online class, then this guide is for you.

“All Digital School” understands how the devastating pandemic demands for alternative learning systems, so they have collected over 1000+ online resources, tools, and platforms to help educators continue providing for the academic needs of students in home-based learning environments.

Their help doesn’t end there. Visit the “All Digital School” website as they give you a walkthrough on how to prepare for online teaching. Some of the resources include: Communication Tools for Online Teaching, Online Lesson Plans for Teachers, Educational Apps for Online Teaching, Language Apps for Students, Other Language Apps, Preschool Apps, Quiz/Testing Tools, and Other Online Teaching Tools.

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