Steve Spangler Science: Pinch and Mix – Color Mixing

Combine science and literature using the book Mouse Paint

Is it?… Can it be?… Why YES! There is an entirely new medium for mixing colors! Teachers worldwide have been blending primary colors into secondary colors using every medium possible since the dawn of time! They have had their students mixing and mashing everything from paints to play dough. But now it’s time for something different! It’s Squishy. It’s Gooey. It’s Pinch and Mix! When this colored goo is blended it resembles stained glass! This activity is sure to leave young and old alike pinching and blending to create unique fab-goo-lous art!

Science Topics
Light & Colors
Music, Art, and Language Arts Topics
Stories, Visual Art
Early Childhood, K-6
Preschool, Kindergarten

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