Steve Spangler Science: DIY: Solar Eclipse Viewer

Of course CE and ISO certified solar eclipse glasses are the ONLY way to look directly at the sun and watch a solar eclipse.

However, with a few materials you probably have around the house, you can build a viewing device that will safely reflect the sun and allow for you to view the eclipse in its reflection. Keep in mind, even at their best, pinhole projectors show only a small-sized image of the sun.

SOLAR SCIENCE RULE #1NEVER look directly at the sun or a solar eclipse! The energy you feel on your skin is focused by the lens in your eyes onto the retina where images are collected. The heat energy is intense on that small spot. It will burn the retina and can permanently destroy it. Sunglasses are useless and nothing else you have in your home will protect your eyes either. Never look directly at the sun!

SOLAR SCIENCE RULE #2: Don’t ever look at the sun or a solar eclipse directly! Your eyes will be permanently damaged. (Get the idea?)

For additional information about solar viewing techniques and rules, please visit the American Astronomical Society at

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