STEM For All Multiplex

The Multiplex is an online, free, interactive platform featuring over 800 short videos that showcase federally funded projects aimed at transforming science, technology, engineering, math, and computer science learning.

These videos, first presented at annual, STEM for All Video Showcase events, have now been collected in the Multiplex so that you can view, interact and share, year-round.

Researchers, educators, policy makers and parents are invited to learn about cutting-edge efforts to improve STEM education. Videos presented span multiple disciplines and reflect efforts in pre-k through graduate education. They include community initiatives, games and apps, and learning in formal and informal environments.

Guests are invited to post a comment or question to the presenters of videos, create playlists of your favorite videos that you can share with your colleagues and friends through email or social media, and join theme of the month events, that will explore different relevant topics in STEM education. Each theme will include a curated playlist, an interactive expert panel, and a month-long discussion open to all.

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