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Software Engineers apply the principles of engineering to computer science to create software that powers computers and many other everyday electronic devices. Their expertise in programming languages offers many career opportunities developing apps, video games, social media and more.
Software engineers are computer scientists who apply engineering principles
to create everything from computer operating systems to your favorite apps.
The software they create powers your computer and many of the electronic
devices you use every day. Software engineers are experts in programming
languages and can apply that knowledge to a wide range of opportunities—
including video game development and the creation of applications that you use
to check the weather, keep up with social media, order food delivery, and so
much more. At Microsoft, these are the professionals who design games like
Minecraft! If you love thinking up new ideas and finding ways to bring them to
life, you might want to consider a career as a software engineer.
Software engineers create all the systems and applications that run on
computers and other devices. They do this by using advanced mathematical
analysis and principles of both computer science and engineering. They start
by analyzing a problem or need, designing a solution, and then thoroughly
testing that solution. This often involves creating or utilizing an algorithm,
or a set of rules for a computer to follow in completing calculations or other
operations. This requires creativity and in some cases artistic ability, critical
thinking and problem-solving, a strong attention to detail, and a methodical
process. Software engineers often work as part of a team or even directly
with clients, so strong communication skills are also necessary
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Engineer (Software)
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