STEM Careers Coalition: Harnessing Energy

What should be considered when designing an efficient and reliable power solution?

Students investigate the different ways electricity can be generated from different types of energy sources. They will consider the efficiency, reliability, cost, and environmental impact of each, and work together to propose an optimal power solution for a ranger station in rural Alaska.

Students will be able to:
• Evaluate the strengths and
differences of the various
sources of renewable and
nonrenewable energy as
potential solutions for the
Alaskan Ranger Station
• Analyze the potential needs of
an Alaska Ranger Station and
collaborate to select the most
reliable and efficient power
solution for this station
• Be sure to help students
consider the climate,
temperatures, and
geography of rural Alaska
• Create a diagram that explains
the functionality and benefits
of this power solution, and
then apply critiques to
optimize their design

Middle School: Grades 6–8
30 minute activity

Science Topics
Advanced Manufacturing, Electricity, Energy (Renewable), Fossil Fuels, Natural Resources
Middle School, Educator
6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade
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Harnessing Energy Classroom Activity

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