STEM Careers Coalition: AI Researcher
Senior Principal Researchers have an adept understanding of advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies, which they utilize to envision the next world-changing application of AI and figure out how to bring it to life. They also think deeply about the ethics of AI’s relationship to people and society.
A senior principal researcher, artificial intelligence, is a curious and driven
professional interested in defining the future of artificial intelligence. Artificial
intelligence (AI) concerns the concepting and development of computer
systems that are able to perform human tasks—like the speech recognition
function on your smart phone and your streaming service’s ability to predict
the next show you would love to binge. This is a career that will be pursued
by a highly educated individual who is passionate about finding new realities
and has dedicated their life to pushing past the limits of the world’s existing
technology. They have an advanced understanding of the theory behind
artificial intelligence, machine learning, and statistics, and they may have
significant experience applying that research to solve real-world problems.
A senior principal researcher, artificial intelligence, creates their own
research agenda, meaning they have the flexibility to imagine the next
world-changing application of artificial intelligence and figure out how to
bring it to life. They will also collaborate closely with other researchers
and experts in subfields of AI, including planning, machine learning, and
human-computer teamwork. At Microsoft, senior principal researchers
in artificial intelligence also spend a lot of time thinking about the ethics
of creating artificial intelligence and the relationship between people and
technology. Leaders in the field from across Microsoft make up the AI and
Ethics in Engineering and Research (AETHER) committee, which thinks
about implications related to bias, fairness, and safety, among many other
considerations. They help to build the policies that will guide Microsoft’s
development of new artificial intelligence in a way that will ensure it can
solve big problems without also risking harm to society or individuals.
A senior principal researcher, artificial intelligence, will need at least a
master’s degree and may even need a Ph.D. A degree in computer science,
electrical engineering, statistics, mathematics, or a related field will help
prepare you for this role. To find success in this career, individuals will also
need to have strong communications skills, excellent analytical skills, critical
thinking, and the ability to be highly self-motivated. Math skills will be very
important, so students interested in this career should strive to excel in the
most advanced mathematics courses available.

Technology Topics
Artificial Intelligence
Engineer (Electrical), Researcher, Scientist (Computer)
Middle School, High School
6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade

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