Short Wave: Myth Busting 'Blind As A Bat' And 'Memory Of A Goldfish'

Animals’ abilities are often used to describe people’s personality traits or attributes.

If you’re stubborn, you might be called “pig-headed.” Is your room at home a mess? A parent might call it a “pigsty.” If you’re being rude, someone might call you a “jacka**” — you get the drift.

But what validity is there to these statements?

That’s the question we’re tackling here at Short Wave as part of a series called “Animal Slander.”

We’re starting with the phrases “blind as a bat” and “memory of a goldfish” because they are problematic, for multiple reasons. For one, the phrases are often used in a derogatory manner and it is not cool to make fun of people based on their physical or mental abilities.

And second, the phrases aren’t even true.


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