SciGirls Connect: SciGirls Strategies - How to Engage Girls in STEM

The bold goal of SciGirls is to change how girls see science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and how the world sees girls. SciGirls engages girls, sparks and strengthens their interest and confidence in STEM subjects before high school, when girls are deciding what kind of person they want to be.

SciGirls empowers you to create a more gender equitable and culturally responsive learning environment that inspires, engages, and helps girls thrive in STEM. This book outlines our educational approach, rooted in what research has revealed engages girls in STEM. These strategies have also been proven to work with all learners. Everyone benefits from a gender equitable approach to STEM!

Download the complete guide here.

Download the one page SciGirls Strategies: Proven Strategies for Engaging Girls in STEM

Download the Framework for the SciGirls Strategies: STEM for All Learning Environment and Culturally Responsive Practices

Watch the SciGirls Strategies Live Stream Recording to get the lowdown on SciGirls‘ approach. Recorded June 12, 2019 with the National Girls Collaborative Project. Download a pdf of the presentation.

Download The Big Idea: What the Research Shows

Watch or Download: SciGirls Snapshots: Dr. Barb Billington presents gender equitable strategies for STEM educators.
SciGirls Strategies: Proven Strategies for Engaging Girls in STEM

The SciGirls approach – for the TV show, website, and educational materials – is rooted in research about how to engage girls in STEM. A quarter of a century of studies have converged on a set of common strategies that work, and these have become SciGirls’ foundation.

Download Tips for Using the SciGirls Strategies

Learn how to apply the SciGirls Strategies to any STEM activity in your repertoire!

Download SciGirls Strategies Activity Makeover

Want to learn more? Download References and Readings

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