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For almost a century, Science News journalists have covered advances in science, medicine and technology for the general public, including the 1925 Scopes “monkey” trial, the advent of the atomic age in 1945, the space race, and the revolution of genetic engineering from the discovery of DNA to today’s gene-editing technology. 

We were founded as an independent nonprofit in 1921 by newspaper magnate E.W. Scripps and zoologist W.E. Ritter, who wanted to improve the quality and accuracy of science journalism. We remain true to that mission today.

We believe in the power of knowledge and the free flow of information to build informed, enlightened and engaged communities. Our mission is to provide independent, unbiased  coverage of science and give people the tools to evaluate the news and the world around them.

We connect with audiences through our print magazine and the website. Our sister website, Science News for Students, makes science accessible for people ages 9 and up, while teachers and students in almost 5,000 high schools read us in print and online through Science News in High Schools.

Science News is published by the Society for Science & the Public, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to expanding scientific literacy, effective STEM education and scientific research through its award-winning publications and world-class science education competitions.

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