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Science4Fun is an educational website for kids and teens.

Its goal is to provides interesting content for different science subjects. We hope you will enjoy learning on Science4Fun and will explore many new things.

The website is divided into two main sections: Topics & Experiments

Topics include:

  • Animals
  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • Electricity
  • Inventions
  • Physics
  • Plants
  • Scientists & Inventors

Experiments & Activities include:

  • Color Changing Liquid
  • How to Make Soap Bubbles
  • Egg in a Bottle
  • How to Make a Hoop Glider
  • How to Make a Balloon Rocket
  • How to Make a Foamy Fountain
  • How to Make a Boat Powered by Soap
  • How to Make a Lava Lamp at Home
  • Water in Upside-Down Glass
  • Make Your Own Flubber at Home
  • How to Inflate a Balloon with Vinegar & Baking Soda
  • How to Make Rock Candy at Home
  • Floating Eggs in Salt Water
  • How to Make Invisible Ink
  • How to Make a Simple Electromagnet
  • How to Make Rainbow on Paper
  • How to Make a Disc Hovercraft
  • Boil Water in a Paper Bag
  • How to Make a Vinegar Volcano

Where the articles come from?

All the articles on Science4Fun are written after a research on a particular topic from multiple sources including Internet and books. These are articles are then sent to many readers for fact verification and proofreading.

About the Author:

Abdul-WahabAll the articles on Science4Fun are written by Abdul Wahab Malik. He lives in Pakistan, where he started writing for Science4Fun since 2014. He is an electrical engineering and a part time teacher. But, he also loves to write about various science subjects. His interest in science led to the development of Science4Fun website. When Abdul Wahab is not writing on Science4Fun, he spends his time in studying his electrical engineering and reading articles on science at different platforms.

K-6, Middle School

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