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School Connect empowers children by connecting schools to their community.

Every child should have someone to help them unlock their potential. Sadly, many children face a tidal wave of obstacles and are disconnected from those with the power to help. Poverty, hunger, illiteracy and fragmented families isolate children, cutting them off from their vibrant futures. In the face of this challenge, what can we do? It’s time to stand together.

Join School Connect to team up with local heroes who are making a difference at their local school! Together we can bridge the gap; together we can empower the children in our communities!

What We Do
School Connect researches and develops the best practices to build a supportive, collaborative community around schools. We utilize the principles of “Asset Based Community Development” to focus on what various partners have to offer, and how to use the best assets of the community to build sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships.

How We Do It
How do we accomplish all of this, the same way we help schools, we build relationships. School Connect meets with superintendents and principals about the benefits of collaborative partnerships. We talk with leaders in the faith community and help them connect to a local school. We connect the schools to business partners, universities, non-profits and other community leaders.

We host serving events such as Love Our Schools Day, with thousands of participants from dozens of churches and community partners serving at hundreds of Arizona Schools. We help school districts host a CAFÉ, Community and Family Engagement, meeting, where the school principals and staff meet with their community partners to strategize a collaborative plan for their school’s success. Once a year, we host the School Connect Summit, an event where community partners can learn about the best practices or building collaborative partnerships around local schools.


  • Web App – Connects people to service projects in a local school
  • Training videos – Helps community partners understand the best ways to serve the school
  • Live Training Seminars – Interactive discussion with school, church and business leaders on the best practices of collaboration
  • Print Materials – Templates, cards and instructional materials to help facilitate events
  • Events – Love Our Schools Day, School Connect Summit and CAFÉ meetings
  • Tool Kits – Project management resources specific to principals and pastors


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