Real World Math
Welcome!  Real World Math is a collection of free math activities for Google Earth designed for students and educators.

Mathematics is much more than a set  of problems in a textbook.  In the virtual world of Google Earth, concepts and challenges can be presented in a meaningful way that portray the usefulness of the ideas.



Real World Math is for students
Students will find downloads for over 30 activities, videos, and instructional tutorials for Google Earth & SketchUp.  The goal is to take the math you learned in class and develop it further with problem solving activities.  You’ll find some familiar concepts and learn some ideas.  All of the lessons are technology-based and can be completed in the classroom or at home.   This is where you’ll find the answer to, “When are we ever gonna need this?!”


Real World Math is for teachers
Teachers have access to lesson write ups and additional material to integrate these activities effectively.  The core of the site is mathematics for grades 4 and up, but many lessons lend themselves to interdisciplinary activities.  This is a modern approach to mathematics that is student-centered and task-oriented; it embraces active learning, constructivism, and project-based activities, while remaining true to the standards.  Higher level thinking skills, such as analysis, synthesis, and creativity are encouraged as well as technology skills and social learning.



Google Earth is the dynamic tool that will be used to accomplish these tasks.  Google Earth provides incredible views of our world in an interactive 3D environment.  Beyond the visual appeal, users can add placemarks, annotations, photos, images, and models to the earth’s surface, as well as measure distances and draw paths.  The user-friendly tools makes Google Earth the perfect choice for a task oriented learning environment.

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Math teachers are always searching for meaningful math lessons for their students, and students are always searching for the meaning of math.  Hopefully you’ll find both in Real World Math.

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