Real World Math: Formatting Placemarks in Google Earth with HTML

One of the greatest things about Google Earth, has always been the ability to add content to it.

 It’s easy to add information with placemarks, but getting it to look the way you want takes a bit more effort.  This section will include HTML tips and layout templates to add some pizzazz to your work. 

To make your placemarks look more professional is going to require some HTML coding.  HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, is the code that provides the format for the information displayed.  This is normally included by default, but there are some applications where you can edit the HTML and thus change the appearance.  Google Earth’s placemark icons are one example of where you can provide your own HTML.  Background colors, text type and size, hyperlinks, and images are just some examples of format that can be altered with HTML.



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