Raptor Resource Project: Home Sweet Home

Students will study the basics of peregrine falcon habitat and nesting behavior and the ways in which human intervention mimics nests and helps nesting efforts.

Depending on how the lesson is structured, students will learn about earth and human activity, molecules and organisms, ecosystems, and biological evolution. This lesson plan will take one to two class periods.

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Teachers may want to use parts of these articles about the history of falcon recovery and re-introduction along the Upper Mississippi and in Minnesota; comprehension will depend on the age and reading ability of students.

This blog about nest-building discusses several types of nests that birds build. It includes pictures, information about RRP nests, and links to more articles and papers about birds and nest building.

This peregrine falcon blog has a lot of information about peregrine falcons in general and the GSB site in particular.

Teachers are welcome to apply for a Raptor Resource Project educational chat account to observe incubation, hatching, and eaglets with other classes from around the country. The chat is moderated by Raptor Resource Project volunteers. Link: https://scitechinstitute.orgwww.raptorresource.org/classroom/. If you don’t have a Raptor Resource Project classroom account, register here: https://scitechinstitute.orgwww.raptorresource.org/register/. All of our birdcams can be accessed at https://scitechinstitute.orgwww.raptorresource.org/birdcams/.

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Ecology, Zoology
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