Raising Dragons: Corn Syrup Viscosity Experiment

For this cool experiment you need corn syrup, 2 glass containers, food coloring and a dropper.

Start by filling a glass about 3/4 full of corn syrup, then add the smaller glass container to the center. In separate containers mix a small amount of corn syrup with some food coloring to make several colors of corn syrup. Add a drop of each colored corn syrup to the clear mixture. Now turn the smaller glass jar while holding the outer glass still. You will see the colored syrup start to spread. Now switch direction and turn the small glass jar back to its original location.

Amazingly the colored dots that were spreading return to their original form. Because corn syrup has a viscosity 5,000 times that of water, the syrups don’t mix like normal fluids do. Super cool!!

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Early Childhood, K-6
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