Raising da Vinci: Easy Science Experiments For Kids Using Balloons

Grab a big pack of balloons, and you will be well on your way for materials.

Nearly everything else I’m willing to bet you already have in your house!

Thumb Tack Pop – 0:15
Balloon Racers – 0:47
Skewer through Balloon – 1:37
Balloon Water Fountain – 2:11
Balloon in a Bottle – 3:37
Fireproof Balloon – 4:37
Dancing Ghosts – 5:17
DIY Hovercraft – 5:43
Balloon Inflator – 6:24
Bending Water – 7:37
Bonus Experiment (??Watch to see??) – 7:55

Science Topics
Chemistry, Physics, Pressure
Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade

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Raising da Vinci

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