Raising da Vinci: Easy Egg Science Experiments For Kids
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You will need eggs, and LOTS of them.

We ended up buying a 60 count for only 3 or 4 dollars for these. Beyond that, most of the stuff you need for all of these is probably already in your house!

Silver Egg – 0:13
Egg Float – 1:05
Egg in a Bottle – 2:11
Bouncy Egg – 3:13
Egg Spin – 4:00
Growing & Shrinking Eggs – 4:34
Alcohol Cooking Eggs – 6:00
Egg Geode – 6:49
Yellow Egg – 8:27
Walking on Eggs – 9:20

Science Topics
Chemistry, Food Science, Physics
Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade

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