Play with math. Build to learn. Create what you imagine. Share.
Polyup is a free and open computational thinking playground where students can experiment with numbers and functions. Students will “mod”, or modify, a variety of expressions, equations, and algorithms to solve mathematical puzzles and discover the beauty of math in a visual environment. With self-paced activities geared towards 3-5th, 6-8th, and 9-12th grades, Polyup works great as a supplement to any math classroom. It is available on the web and runs on any device, including Chromebooks, phones, and tablets.
Join the movement to empower a global community of problem solvers.
Create Worlds with math!
You can do all of the following, and more, with PolyUp!
Build 3D Simulations: PolyUp’s vast library of parts lets anyone design their own simulations.
Practice math: PolyUp has pre-made activities for arithmetic, geometry, algebra and even calculus!
Play with friends: With PolyUp, you can share any machines with your friends and challenge them to solve puzzles!
Form teams: PolyUp lets students and teachers form teams towards weekly events called Poly Challenges.
Learn: PolyUp is a great learning exercise for anyone, whether you’re a first grader or the parent of one.
PolyUp for Educators
Built by teachers and students, for teachers and students
Engage in powerful thinking and creation.
PolyUp is ideal for online learning. With these educator features, you’ll be confident in students’ math engagement, while empowering critical thinking and creativity.
  • 300+ Common-core-aligned Lessons
  • Google Classroom Integration
  • Assignment and tracking functionality
  • Automatic solutions for teachers
PolyUp for Parents
Your kid’s new favorite game.
Keep your kids engaged.
PolyUp combines the world-building of Minecraft with the educational power of a math textbook.
But it differs from both in one key way. It’s free!

K-6, Middle School, High School, Educator
3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade

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