PBS Kids: The Cat in the Hat Invents

Build a robot and immerse your kids in STEM learning!

The Cat in the Hat Invents engages your preschooler in engineering and problem solving. Join Nick, Sally and the Cat in the Hat as they explore the world of science, working through obstacles as they overcome various engineering challenges.

Nick designed a robot which your child can customize as her very own. Kids can use stickers and patterns they find as they play through each level. They can also pick their robot’s emotion – cheerful, silly, grumpy, or sad – and watch how their robot responds.

The Cat in the Hat Invents helps your child learn STEM with the following features:

  • Engineering tools in each level that help your child learn to experiment and problem solve.
  • Robot voice command – kids talk and encourage their robot to continue to move towards the goal.
  • Cat in the Hat button – Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Press the Cat in the Hat button for hints to help your preschooler learn more about science and engineering in a fun way.


Engineering Topics
Early Childhood

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