PBS Kids: The Cat in the Hat Builds That!

Do you want a science app? The Cat in the Hat gives you that with a tap!

Kids play and learn in their backyard, to see how science is fun, not hard!

Based on the PBS KIDS series, “The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That,” this app introduces pre-k kids to science inquiry and engineering (STEM) concepts through games tailored to their learning progress.

Kids can build bridges, explore friction through slides and sort fun objects and tools in fantastical lands along with the Cat in the Hat, Nick and Sally.

As kids play, they earn rewards to decorate their treehouse and backyard, and unlock games that let them tinker and explore in their own way.

Includes simple and fun hands-on activities that parents and kids can do together, extending the STEM fun to home and everyday materials.

Engineering Topics
Early Childhood

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